Monday, 9 May 2016

Trends for engagement rings change every wedding season. However, some of the trends are an extension of the classic fashion. Many couples have a deep sentimentality attached to their engagement rings. They often like the style to trace back to a special memory or a special heritage ring in the family. This reinforces the trend of modernization of the classics. If you are looking to follow the trend of Round Engagement Rings in Birmingham, but want to add a touch of contemporary style to it, here is a list of ideas to help with your purpose.

Floral accents
Flowers, petal accents and even trailing vines are a huge trend with round ring settings today. You can customize your round rings with beautiful garden accents as your preference. The best part is floral accents are making a comeback today. It was a huge trend for antique settings in the past so you can follow the modernization without compromising on your original ring setting inspiration.

Coloured diamonds
Adding a touch of unconventional accents to the classic round cut rings, you can completely alter the look and feel of the rings. Coloured diamonds are a great way to add a touch of pizzazz if you are afraid that a classic round cut is just too plain for your tastes. You can choose from a range of fancy hues. Yellow and pink particularly dominate in this area. However, you can also opt for a complete non-traditional black diamond.

Coloured Gems in a diamond setting
If a coloured diamond is not up your alley or not going at par with your ring budget, do not be disappointed. You can still follow the coloured centre stone trend with an addition of coloured gems instead of a diamond. In fact, adding a coloured gemstone within a diamond setting can help the colour of the centre stone to pop out in the setting. Remember, to check for the quality of the gemstone and the individual diamonds in the setting. Sapphires, emeralds and rubies are your best bet to create an old world charm with a contemporary twist. It is very important to get this kind of ring customized from an established jeweller since there is a high chance you might not recognize a counterfeit stone by yourself.

Round diamond in a square band
A great way to completely alter the look of your round engagement ring setting without changing the centre stone of the round cut diamond is to change the cut of the band instead. A square band or a hexagonal band can create a completely new look for your traditional ring. It is also a better fit in some cases, which is a great plus for the trend. The square or hexagonal bands have distinct edges within the setting, which does not constrict the fingers or even pinch at the skin with long use. Since many brides prefer to wear both their engagement rings and wedding bands for long durations, it makes perfect sense to add a bit of comfort to the style of the rings.


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