Tuesday, 28 June 2016

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The engagement day and all emotions and symbols attached with it are very special to any couple. To celebrate the start of an eternal relation, engagement ring stands as the first formal representation. Hence every couple wants it to be extra special and edgy to best reflect their relationship. Thus it is imperative that it be perfect for the lady adorning it. One of making the purchase error free is to get it from a credible and reputed engagement ring shop Birmingham. They would not only provide an authentic ring which would give you real value for money but also the choice of styles available with them would be unparallel. Few of the leading styles with them are:-

Perhaps the most coveted and the most royal of all engagement rings, it has a statement single diamond in four or six prong setting is set against varied metal settings. The most popular setting metals are gold, platinum, and even sterling silver.  An exceptionally beautiful and refined ring, it is all about the diamond here! Thus if opting for this style, following the 4 C’s of diamond selection should be kept in mind and the shape of the solitaire can be of the bride’s preference. This is the top choice of any woman having a penchant for the elegant classic.

Solitaire with side accents
Here the solitaire ring is given a twist with additional smaller accent diamonds which adds to the stunning brilliance of the main solitaire diamond. These are known to bedazzle all on sight! Available in a wide variety of styles and set against various metals, this is for all those women who prefer the classic with a modern twist. The 4C’s diamond rule applies here as well.
It is a set of three rings - two for the bride and one for the groom. The set caters to both engagement and wedding rings requirement and all complement and accentuate each other to form a complete set. Those who do not wish for this monochromatic vibe and would like to spice it up a bit can opt for bridal set and an engagement ring. Designs, styles, shapes and colors here are innumerous. The romantic quotient of such rings is deemed quite high!

Oozing an almost ethereal vibe, this style has a central large diamond or other gemstone surrounded by array of smaller diamonds or gemstones Owning to this, the central piece looks surrounded by a ‘halo’ which makes it sparkle more and thus appear larger. It is highly popular among the fashionista of today. It’s also works for all since a smaller diamond can actually look quite big with this style and thus save quite a handsome amount in your pocket!

Popular as trilogy ring, the ring showcases three stones as a celebration of the couple’s romantic journey i.e. the past, the present and the future. Awesome for the utter romantic and emotional women, this ring has the center piece usually set higher than the adjacent ones to give it a wonderful dimension and depth!
You are now ready to rock and make the smartest purchase.


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