Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The setting of your ring influences design of your ring and when it’s about a diamond ring that lasts forever, you need a setting that also lasts longer. A ring is made of two parts technically: the body of ring, head or gallery and the shank. The setting is made in such a way that it gives perfect security to your diamond.

Basic Types of Ring Settings
  • Prong Setting
These are most common and famous settings for diamond rings. Even if you go to any engagement ring shop Birmingham, you will find most of the rings having a prong setting. Herein prongs work like small claws and rise up for grasping the diamond. They are able to hold stone of any size, but are used typically for holding large centre stone.
These settings are based upon the diamond’s shape. You will most often find four to six prongs holding a diamond upwards. However, both prong settings are safe and secured, but four prong setting allow you seeing more of the stone.
  • Halo Setting
This setting secures ring’s centre beneath a rim embellished with invisible set, channel set diamond or a pave. Moreover, this setting is the most famous with celebrities as it creates an amazing diamond look which is delicate and feminine. These settings can be squared off or round on sides and combines allure of diamonds with securing of prong.

  • Channel Setting
This setting looks like a sparkling water channel and features an array of diamonds alongside, suspended by lone seats broken into each side of channel. Moreover,this setting is mostly used in designs of wedding bands or engagement rings. If you go for shopping diamond set wedding bands Birmingham, you will find that most of the rings are made using this setting.
  • Invisible Setting
This setting creates an impression like if there is a palace floor made of diamonds. It assembles grid of square diamond set or princess-cut set alongside to look as a diamond surface.
This set of diamonds consist of special channels into them which allow them to be placed from underneath, and usually set flush to metal neighboring grid pattern of diamond, thereby providing the image like nothing is keeping them together.


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