Tuesday, 28 June 2016

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Whether you are purchasing an engagement ring all by yourself or with your soon-to-be spouse, the task can be quite daunting and even overwhelming. It is also the first major investment that any couple undertakes. Thus it is important to get it right and let it stand as a proud token of the love and respect shared between the couple. To help you make the right purchase, we have listed below some steps that would help you make the right investment and the right choice.

Set the budget

The budget is the first key consideration before one even visits the shop. With it once can be assured of looking at the right range of rings which would only bring happiness and no emotional and financial distress to the couple in the future!

Decide on your priorities

Not only are each engagement ring unique but they are also perceived differently by each woman. For instance, round engagement rings Birmingham might look timeless ad chic to one lady but other can just perceive it as just moderate. Thus prioritizing your need should be the top agenda while shopping for engagement ring. Most of the engagement rings are evaluated by clients on the stones used and their settings. One has to decide on the perfect combination of cut, color, clarity and carat i.e. the 4C’s which best suits the bride to be. The next level of decision is selecting the setting of the rings. Some might prefer vintage look while some prefer contemporary settings. You simply need to decide the qualities that you simply cannot do without and the qualities that you can compromise and adjust with. This makes the selection easier.

Hit on your inspiration

In case you are a novice and is not sure which rings make your knees go weak, try some window shopping before or look through online. Pinterest board is one of the best online spaces to start! This would help you understand whether you prefer classic, contemporary or even vintage! Add to the personal touch of you and your spouse and you are bound to have a unique timeless piece in your hands that will best represent your emotions and relation.

Get your homework done

Jewelry has its own unique fine language. Be it gemology or the knack of describing solitaire, it has a huge glossary of terms which may be used to mislead you by the salesman. Knowing them beforehand would lend you a huge advantage and help you seal a cracker of a deal by asking meaningful questions and better understanding the quality and features of the ring you are purchasing.

Store of purchase matters

Since it is an expensive buy, the credibility and authenticity of the store matters a great heals and provides you with a silent but powerful insurance for your ring. They provide you with right certifications and you are assured of being given an authentic buy. Another advice is not to purchase hastily but try two to three vendors before sealing the deal.

With these tips, chances of anything going wrong are negligible.

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