Friday, 15 April 2016

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A wedding band is a very special memento of their wedding for any couple. The most common ones are naturally the traditional plain gold or platinum wedding bands. Normally, it’s the engagement ring which catches the attention of all! However, of later bespoke wedding bands Birmingham is becoming quite a sensation. Couples look for unique wedding rings that speak volumes about their story or even style and preference. Simultaneously it should complement the engagement ring and the big wedding day to the hilt. While most ring makers offer their own exclusive line of designs, the couple’s can also give their ideas and visions which are then transformed into distinctive rings. With this in perspective, let’s glimpse through some of these hallmark styles of individualistic rings.

Organic ring
For couple’s who have an adventurous streak and love outdoors, an organic ring can be a terrific choice. This becomes more apt if their wedding ceremony is set amidst nature’s beauty. These rings often show a high level of intricacy and delicacy highlighted with hand engraved details as well as a brushed finish. Often these rings are especially crafted as a unique and individual symbol of the couple’s love and commitment.

Vintage ring
For those who adore the vintage and antique look and want their wedding ring to carry the same vibe of timeless eternity, the vintage ring is a quintessential. These often have a miligrain detailing around the band which blends and matches well with the engagement ring. The beautiful engravings and beautiful artistic filigree give the finished ring an antique finish. A variation here is the scalloped diamond wedding ring which gives a unique and mesmerizing vintage twist to the traditional wedding band. These are often designed to sit in perfect sync with the engagement ring present on the other finger of the bride. The ring’s timeless elegance and beauty remains vibrant at all times even after years have gone by.

Gemstone ring
While diamond may rule the roost for wedding and engagement rings, a gemstone might be the best alternative for those who want something different. These are not only available in vast varieties of colours but are also chosen based on the birth-sign, place or personal moments between the couple. For instance whose special moments of love confession or wedding proposal happened beside water like pool or beach can opt for an aquamarine or blue sapphire as a special token of remembrance and can always think about or every time they look at the ring and be filled with happiness. For those sharing a highly passionate and strong relationship, a ruby would suit to perfection. Gemstones provide an endless varieties and styles and can lend a unique vibrant splash of colour and design to the wedding ring.

Depending on design, style and personal resonance, these rings are highly individualistic in nature which makes the wedding ceremony distinct. Thus, you need to ensure that you give some time to picking the right ring so that you can give the maker ample amount of time to create the best looking ring for you.


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