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The worldwide popularity of Princess cut wedding rings Birmingham might make anyone assume that it has been around for ages while in reality, it came into existence only around the 1970’s. Most popular next to the round wedding rings, these diamond rings have the same stunning look and sparkle like a round diamond ring but they flaunt their brilliance in a chic square cut and shape. With their clean sophisticated and modern look, they have become a timeless choice for those entering into the blessed state of matrimony.

What is Princess cut?

While the princess cut diamond looks square or rectangular at top and tapering bottom, referred to as pavilion. Its profile is that of inverted pyramid with four bevelled sides. Popularly called as ‘profile cut’, its unique facets create chevron-shaped reflections in its pavilion which lends it a distinct cross-shaped look. These rings have varying number of facets on the square as well as pavilion depending on the cut which play a vital role in the brilliance of the diamond. The facets of the pavilion are especially responsible for the outstanding fire this ring oozes.

Tips for purchasing the princess cut ring

The best way to purchase these rings is to follow the “the four C’s” (carats, colour, clarity, cut) which helps one to accurately measure the diamond. They are described as follows:-

• Colour - The princess cut diamonds can retain better colour than the round diamonds. For better value, it’s advisable to transient from H to G or I to H even though it’s little expensive. Like all stones, it’s difficult to highlight the difference between the two from naked eyes but the improvement is huge in terms of quality and brilliance.

• Clarity - This does not play as crucial a role here as it plays for stones like cushion cuts because the natural brilliance exuded due to the facet cuts of this ring make it difficult for the inclusions to be showcased. Moreover, SI2 or below princess cuts are quite rare. VS2 or SI1 are perfectly fine provided inclusions aren’t serious or in the corners of the stone.

• Carats - Princess cut diamonds looks larger than the round diamonds which makes them quite advantageous. Thus one can go for smaller carats to get the feel of the higher carat required. Alternatively, princes cut diamonds are smaller than rounds diamonds of same weight. Thus one can go for a higher carat if one can afford it. • Cut - It is quite difficult to assess the cut of princess cut diamond for light performance. Generally, a depth of 65-75% is considered the threshold for table percentage for 60-70% range, crown height between 8-15%, and girdle thickness from very thin to slightly thick.

Finally, the base line still remains the same. One should always check on one’s finger as to how the stone’s brilliance, sparkle and beauty reflect best on it. This is important if you do not want to regret buying something that looks great but does not fit your finger nicely.


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