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Engagements are a special event in a couple’s life and it deserves a lot of thought and delicate handling to make it perfect for them. If you are looking for the perfect Platinum Engagement Rings Birmingham but have been unable to select one unique choice, you can consider combining different design elements and customizing a design unique to your engagement. It is a very simple process and with some simple direction, you can surprise your partner with a truly elegant Platinum engagement ring. Here are a few steps to help you along the way.

Check online catalogues to get design inspirations
Browse through the online catalogues of the top ring brands in Birmingham. These catalogues will have a ton of different platinum engagement rings to inspire your own design. It is a great idea to note different accents and elements from different designs which you can then incorporate in to your own design to make it truly your own. It is important to make sure that you do not overpower your design with too many elements. Just choose a select few in terms of the finish, the centre stone and any added motifs and incorporate them to your design.

Choose your centre stone
Platinum makes an ideal setting for a variety of different styles and cuts of diamonds. You can choose the simple round cut diamond and then add beautiful motifs to accent the diamond. You can also add a halo of different shaped diamonds to the centre stone to make it appear even larger. This technique can be used for all type of cuts but it works best for the round cut and the marquise cut diamonds. The marquise cut diamond is a truly unique style and adds a lot of glamour to any variety of engagement ring design. You can also play with coloured diamonds for your platinum setting. Yellow diamonds and rose coloured diamonds are especially an ideal choice for the platinum bands.

Go for a multi stone setting if your budget allows
You can choose a multi-stone centre setting for your platinum engagement bands. However, they can be a little more expensive and only opt for this design element if your budget allows it. The three stone setting in particular is a hot favourite trend. You can also place a coloured stone at the centre and use a traditional diamond in the flanks to create a beautifully unique design. Adding a motif like a floral vine or a braided knot design to run between the three stones can add a bit of unique pizzazz to your ring.

Consult with a design expert
It is important to consult with a professional rig designer to finally get your design on to the paper. The designer will use a handmade design or a CAD design to present the final design to you. You can also discuss the various quality meters of platinum band and the related costs. It is important to have a set budget to keep your project within a proper limit. You can also discuss some special memories or a particular heirloom for inspiration elements that can be included in your ring design.


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