Monday, 9 May 2016

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Unique weddings require a touch of uniqueness in all vital aspects of the wedding. The wedding band is probably one of the most vital elements of a wedding. It can be a most simple design but it does not mean it has to be ordinary. In fact, the culture of Bespoke Wedding Bands in Birmingham is quite popular now. The culture has also gained momentum due to fantastic ring designers joining some of the top brands of jewellery shops in the area. It is now possible to get your beautiful wedding band customized to suit your individuality. However, some people are still slow in catching on to the trend due to widespread misconceptions that the ring customization is actually more expensive or a complicated process. Here are a few clarifying tips bout bespoke wedding bands designed in Birmingham.

Stick to your wedding budget
You can have a wedding band customized to suit your specific wedding budget. Browse through various ring catalogues and get some pricing models for pre-designed rings that are close to your vision of the perfect wedding band. Make a budget that is comfortable for your wedding and pick a few elements of various popular bands that you want to be included in your wedding band. Once you have the foundation of a bespoke ring in your mind, start the commissioning process with further consultations with an expert.

Choice of variety in materials and stone settings
The advantage of a bespoke wedding band is primarily in the variety that you can introduce in to your band designs. You can decide to have a traditional round band or change the setting to a square or hexagonal cut. Often couple who intend to wear their wedding bands for long durations in a day find a non-conventional ring cut is much more comfortable. A square ring for instance will have edges that do not pinch the skin or slide off repeatedly.

The simplicity of the consultation
While the misconception is the commissioning, a bespoke ring is a complicated process, the opposite s actually true. When you book a consultation with your ring designer, you can expect a perfect exchange of ideas with a professional who will help you realistically bring your inspirations on to the final design. Many clients also want to make an event of the consultation especially if they are from out of town. You can stay in a nearby hotel for a couple of days during the consultation and after. Make an event of the occasion while your ring is designed and shaped to perfection and you are ready to take it home.

Personalization of the design
The final aspect of a bespoke wedding band is the personalization of the ring that is impossible with any pre-designed ring off the shelf. The bespoke wedding bands can be designed to simulate an antique ring, designed around a specific centre stone or simply designed to reflect a style or memory of your relationship. It can be the one unique thing celebrating the true uniqueness of the pair of you together.


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