Monday, 9 May 2016

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Diamond set wedding bands are a classic trend for most weddings. However, often couples get tired of their wedding bands looking just the same as so many others. If you are concerned about adding some uniqueness to your diamond set wedding bands without compromising the classic flavour of the bands, here are a few tips that can help immensely.

Three-stone setting for your diamond set wedding bands
Three stone settings are quite the trend for Diamond Set Wedding Bands in Birmingham. The three stones can be unique to your band design if you customize the shapes and sizes of the stones. You can also play with coloured diamond settings to truly add some individuality to your wedding bands. Yellow and pink diamonds make a beautiful complimentary setting to gold or platinum wedding bands. If your budget does not extend to platinum, you can opt for sterling silver instead to bring down your wedding band design to a much affordable category.

Pear shaped or marquise cut stones
Pear shaped stones can transcend the look of any wedding ring to a fancifully elegant design. If you are looking for a design that is truly adventurous, you can try setting in multiple marquises cut diamonds in to a single band design. There are a few excellent inspirations online or you can browse through the online catalogues of the top ring brands in Birmingham to find such unique designs. You can also commission a bespoke wedding band designed around multiple marquise cut diamonds to create a design that is unique to your wedding.

Brushed gold finish
The finish of the wedding band is just as important for the overall look of the rings as the stone setting. You will also determine the shine and final look of the setting depending on the finish of the band. Brushed gold is a very popular wedding band finish option. It can be common to both the bride’s and groom’s wedding band design. It can create a matching set while allowing the diamond settings on the bride’s band to be coordinated with the brushed gold pattern. Yellow diamonds are a hot favourite for this type of band finish. You can also choose a rose gold tone for your band and pair it with flawless pink diamond setting.

Silver or copper setting for diamond bands
If you are looking for a completely different setting for diamonds, pair it with a unique metal to create a modern design. Copper is not a very common metal for wedding bands. However, the colour tone of the metal makes it an ideal choice for modern wedding band designs. What is more the copper tone adds a natural shine and elegance to your diamond settings. If you are opting for a copper band, make sure it is a pure alloy. Talk to your wedding band designer for matching wedding band sets. The groom’s wedding band can be further decorated with an added texture, which can be offset by the finish on the bride’s band. Sterling silver is another popular choice, which makes a diamond setting wedding band much more affordable while providing a unique foundation for your diamonds to shine through.


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