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Wedding is a special occasion. You can make it more special by getting a customized wedding ring for your partner. These can add a personal touch and create a memory of a lifetime.

Tips for designing a wedding ring

Nowadays, it has become easier to design a wedding ring according to your requirement. You can either look for customized rings at online stores or in coordination with an expert wedding ring designer. The wedding rings can be customized using unique symbols, vintage and modern designs, engravings, gemstones, filigree metal works and two toned bands.

Designing of a custom ring involves communicating to the designer your specific requirements. On the basis of this, the designer may prepare a design and cost estimate.

Tips for choosing the wedding ring metal

A wedding ring can be customized using a variety of available metals including platinum, yellow gold and white gold. Few options include:


Platinum is extremely durable and hence the preferred choice of many for wedding rings. It is expensive when compared to other metals and can be moulded into a large number of designs. It lasts longer and does not use a rhodium plate. Its hypo allergic properties make it suitable for people who are prone to skin allergies.


Palladium possesses properties similar to that of platinum. It is durable, hypo allergic and can be used to create numerous designs. It does not use a rhodium plate and is comparatively lighter than gold and platinum.


White gold requires use rhodium plates in order to maintain its shine. Gold can cause allergies in people who may be allergic to nickel. In this case, rose and yellow gold provide better options. For a wedding band, 18k gold may be the best choice as it offers durability. Birmingham offers a large variety of wedding bands in the numerous jewellery stores. You can choose Bespoke wedding bands Birmingham for the perfect ring design for your wedding.

Sterling silver

This metal presents an affordable option. It terms of durability, it rates lower than the other metals. It is preferred choice among people looking for engravings and filigree details.

Choosing the stones for wedding rings

For wedding rings, you may choose among diamonds and other gemstones. Diamonds can vary according to their cuts. Some of the options include:
  • The round cut diamond offers maximum brilliance and hides minor flaws.
  • The radiant cut diamonds have truncated corners making them more stable.
  • The princess cut diamonds offer exceptional brilliance.
  • Emerald and cushion cut diamonds are most suitable for rings with vintage designs.
Apart from diamonds, other popular gemstones for wedding rings include emeralds, rubies, sapphires and many more.

Factors to consider while choosing wedding ring designs
  • It is advisable to start early as designing wedding rings may take time.
  • Ensure that the diamonds used are certified.
  • Before choosing a jeweller, it is advisable to check the experience.
  • Evaluate samples before choosing a jeweller.
  • Seek guarantee regarding the workmanship.
A few aspects can help you in designing a customized wedding ring according to your taste and budget.


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