Tuesday, 28 June 2016

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Most often we all get absorbed in the romance and thrill of the boy proposing and the girl accepting but very few realize the roller coaster of emotions, dilemma and thrill off nailing the perfect engagement ring for the most important person of your life. They do not only stand as a symbol of your love but also should well match the personality of your better half and actually enhance her personality and beauty. With these key considerations, opting for custom engagement rings Birmingham is a smart choice. However shopping for them requires some careful considerations and planning like –

Spy and get updated on her style
In this modern era, most couples go shopping together where your spouse can actually pick up the ring herself. However, the romance is taken to an altogether different plane if you pick a ring yourself which matches her taste perfectly and present her with it. To nail it, you actually have to know about her tastes and her weakness. While most absolutely fall for diamonds, many girls have a penchant for colored stones that might match their eyes or hair. Some might like vintage but some may prefer contemporary. Here you can draw your memory of your conversations with her on jewellery or what got a glow to her face or an exclamatory appreciation while window  shopping with you. You can also speak secretly to her friends, siblings etc. to get a fair idea of the work ahead of you.

Get your budget slated
Engagement rings are an expensive affair! Thus it’s very important that even before you enter the shop, you get your budget set clear in your mind. The quality, size and all other specification of the ring to be finalized would depend on it. A great trick is that whenever you are letting the dealers know of your price range, keep some amount withheld with yourself as he is always going to try to make you extend your limit. Additionally ensure you know about the installment payment options offered by the dealer of any to avoid facing any financial crunch.

Get the ring size straight
It is very important to get the size of the ring correct. In case you are not able to get the exact size and taking a hazardous risk, ensure that you are always taking it on the larger size since it’s easy to get it sized down. If loose, it can always be given for resizing.

Decide on the specifications
With the basic work done, now choose on the stone, metal, style and design after consultation. The size of the stone is very important along with its cut, design, clarity, brilliance and others. Remember it’s better to go for a good quality smaller size than an inferior quality big size.

Custom engagement rigs takes time to be crafted. Thus you should decide on it atleast 2 months in advance of your proposal to avoid all possible hassles.
Finally, look into the certifications, authenticity cards and other details to safeguard your investment. Lastly, capture the moment of utter joy on your sweetheart’s face when you present your love token.


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