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In the modern age, technology has left its imprint in every aspect of our life and emotions. Selfies, snap-chatting, video chatting etc have become the norm of the day. The change has also reflected in the wedding bands. Breaking the tradition of simple gold or platinum bands, today people are increasingly getting attracted towards diamond set wedding bands Birmingham. To make things more thoughtful and eloquent, these bands are engraved with some precious private and heartfelt words which almost make their love eternal and sealed. Most of the jewellers cater to the engraving needs with little extra cost. For those couples who wish to have their diamond set wedding band engraved but are at a loss of ideas, the following tips should prove handy.

Initials, names and dates
The simplest and the classic option can be a simple engraving of their first names initials, and date of their wedding day. These can be done in the most stylish of alphabets or calligraphic style. Instead of the wedding date, the lovers can make or more special by engraving the date of first meeting, the day of declaration of love or any other special moment day that the couple may wish to remember forever. Another brilliant idea is engraving the bride’s name on the groom’s wedding band and the groom’s name on the bride’s wedding band.

Quotes and sayings
Often some quotes or sayings express the couple’s intense feelings and passion to the core. Engraving them can heighten the beauty of the feelings. Sometimes all that is required is the engraving of the simplest of the wedding vows like, “I do,” or simple expressions like “All my love,” or “You and I.” If the size of the ring is large enough, one can get the most romantic quotes of famous poets and writers engraved on their rings.

Foreign quotes
To keep the emotions more personal and confidential, the couple can opt for some foreign language expressions that can best portray their feelings for each other. The only care here that one needs to take is investigate properly and be absolutely clear of the meaning and the emotions portrayed by those selected words and expressions. One would definitely not wish to have the wring words or feelings engraved on the wedding rings.

Religious verse
For the religiously inclined couple, a holy life on their commitment, beliefs, etc., that can also be a beautiful idea to heighten the solemnity of their wedding vows.

Connected Sayings
Another beautiful way to celebrate the bonding between the couple is to have half of a quote engraved in the bride’s wedding band and the other half in the groom’s wedding band. This can be the most beautiful way of sending the message across about how one completes the other.

Finally, it can be said that there is no other means as good as this to celebrate the unity brought forth by marriage. Thus, picking the right wedding band is very important as you will remember your special day whenever you see the wedding band in your finger long after the ceremony is over.

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  1. These are wonderful ideas of diamond engraved wedding bands. Last month, arranged one of my cousin’s wedding at one of exemplary San Francisco wedding venues. It was a themed wedding and all guests liked my arrangements.