Friday, 15 April 2016

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Any healthy marriage has four cornerstones. While trust, love and commitment are the common three cornerstones of every healthy marriage, the fourth one is essentially and expensive, tangible and definitely a shiny affair-the engagement ring. Nearly every groom sweats and panics over the engagement rings Birmingham because it has to be perfect for the bride and stand as an eternal symbol of his undying love towards his loving bride. The ring’s setting, cut and quality should perfectly match the personality of the bride. To make things easier for any groom, we have compiled below some classic engagement ring styles for every budget, taste and quirk.

Solitaire with a single normally a round diamond stone in a slender band is the classic and ultimate engagement ring style. Timelessly elegant and graceful, it’s an eternal classic that remains above any fashion trends. Most common metal band used with it is platinum which makes its price really steep. White and yellow are other popular options for those who look for a relief to their pockets.

Fancy Shapes
Plenty of fancy shapes are available in the market both with solitaire and other types of diamond. These styles are normally opted for by brides who like to stick to the classics but still desire a distinction and class apart vibe. Apart from round shapes, the elegant princess cut with its elegant square shape is another popular choice. Still other popular and high in demand cuts available today to select from are emerald, marquise, oval, heart, asscher, cushion, radiant and pear. These shapes have gained enormous popularity due to celebrated actresses like Katherine Heigl and Eva Longoria Parker with the princess and emerald cut diamonds topping the charts.

Big Rocks
Some brides have a weakness for size instead of the diamond’s quality, colour and overall sparkle. For those brides, these diamonds of high carat size are essential. All diamonds are measured on the parameters of the 4 Cs i.e. their carat, clarity, cut and colour. A high carat denotes a higher size but it may not meet the high standard of the rest of the C’s. Any diamond which meets all the four criteria’s will be a truly expensive piece.

Designer distinction
Today, there are lot of distinctive engagement ring brands whose name speaks about its value, intricacy and distinctiveness of style, quality and various other criteria. For those brides who are brand conscious and sucker of designer pieces, opting for top engagement ring brands like tiffany, Lorraine Schwartz, Harry Winston etc. might be an excellent idea. However, there is an extra cost attached here for the brand value though these brands also provide numerous payment plans to make it feasible for the grooms to opt for them.

Numerous other varieties and styles are present for the grooms to choose from and commit their undying love and devotion to their beloved better half. You need to pick the right jewellery store to buy the most beautiful ring that will be with your loved ones for a lifetime. Thus, take your time in finding the right store for you.


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