Friday, 15 April 2016

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One of the many varieties of a lifelong commitment lies in the type of engagement ring given to one’s fiancée, for each shape of engagement ring speaks for itself. It’s a difficult task for a man to choose the correct and most appropriate ring for his lady as it is a reflection of her personality. Round engagement rings, Birmingham is most commonly purchased by man to woo his lady.

Diamonds are known to be a woman’s best friend; therefore they make perfect gifts as they are a symbol of love. There are many shapes of diamonds namely, round, radiant, emerald, princess and heart. However, these days the round cut diamond rings are the most popular among the rest to be gifted to ladies. The style of an engagement ring is absolute to its uniqueness and beauty. Listed below are six of the most popular styles of an engagement ring –

• The Halo style of a ring highlights the glow and shine of the large centred diamond which is embedded among the smaller gemstones. This type is becoming more appealing to modern day women.

• Swirl type of a ring beautifies the gemstone making it a feminine creation which is appreciated by an ideal woman.

• Coloured gemstones are trendy and modern allowing the diamond to be highlighted and enclosed by few sapphires or rubies.

• Vintage rings are ideal for those who want exhibit everlasting style. Most of these rings are a symbol of inspiration from the generations that have passed by to reach the modern era of latest trends.

• The three gemstone style of a ring also referred to as the Trinity or Trilogy, consists of three diamonds which signifies the wearers past, present and future. The central diamond is larger than the other two creating a greater depth into its meaning for one who patronizes symbolism.

• The Solitaire ring is the ageless beauty of all styles. This consists of a single diamond with grace and elegance for a woman who upholds the classic look of life.

Since an engagement ring symbolizes an eternal commitment to a woman, a man must view all the options so that the right one stands out proving his love and honesty to his lady love’s unique beauty. A designer is always the best solution in matters pertaining to the finishing of the rings. A woman’s style needs to be the key feature. The way a woman wears her jewellery makes it easier for a man to pick out the best ring for her. The lifestyle that she’s accustomed to say’s a lot about what kind of ring to buy her. She ought to be comfortable with the ring to wear it throughout her life from the day of the proposal. Online browsing of different types of rings help broaden the horizon for the best choice of an engagement ring. You can get an idea about the various designs available on the internet that can make finding your perfect one much easier.


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