Friday, 3 June 2016

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If you are keen on making a real impression on the love of your life, you are yourself convinced - a diamond ring is perfect for the occasion. These rings have been special since ages and are still a hit. Engagement rings, fine, but they are good as weddings rings as well.

Since the ring is special, it is better if you go shopping for it alone. It is human not to know about several things in life, same applies to diamonds and the jewelry made of it. Some tips will be useful for you.
Post you decide to go to engagement ring shop Birmingham first thing you must do is defining your budget. You must know where to draw the line because otherwise, sky is the limit. An organized mind will not let you cross the line and make just the right investment.

Another best thing to do is, ask her, whether or not she likes diamonds. (The question may seem a little funny because every woman loves diamonds, yet it is best to ask). Another thing to ask is- she likes multiple diamonds or a single piece. White and yellow, both colored gold are used to make rings, enquire about her choice. It best to enquire because you will not wear it, you are buying it for her.
Some enquiries to be made are:-
  • Size- make sure you buy the right size, the finger in which she is suppose to wear it, if possible get a sample of it. It will be convenient for the jeweler too to suggest you the ring within your budget. DO not assume that she may wear it with the help of soap and cream.
  • Shape- Diamond comes in a variety of shapes and jewelry is made in different shapes too, try to observe the shape that your lady love likes. Heart, oval, circular, semi circular, star and many shapes are used to make diamond jewelry. It is best to be ready with the homework.
  • Lifestyle- If she is working then what does she do, buy a ring that fits her professional life as well. Considering this aspect will not harm, rather help you in making a decision just right.
  • Setting- Nothing is comparable with solitaires. They are perfect. Yet there are plenty of more options like emerald with diamonds, emerald in the center with diamonds all around, mix of rubies and diamonds looks perfect, in fact, ask the jeweler, you may design your own if the set up allows.
If you are not confident about the diamond quality that your local jeweler may give, it is better to go to a recognized/ government approved shop. Being ready with the homework/ points mentioned above, will help you make the decision faster and perfect. Since the moment is special, make it even more priceless with the perfect ring for the special one in your life.


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