Wednesday, 3 August 2016

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Engagement rings hold much significance for most people and are hence important to choose them carefully. While there are many varieties of diamond engagement rings available, you may also customize one according to your choice and preference. 

Factors to consider while customizing engagement rings
If you are looking to buy a custom made engagement ring, it is advisable to consider a few important factors while choosing one. Few such aspects include:

Choosing the jeweller
While buying custom engagement rings, it is advisable to select a reliable jeweller. The following factors can help in selecting one:

  • Seek recommendations from family and friends regarding the credibility of various jewellers.
  • While buying diamonds it is advisable to check for the relevant certifications.
  • It is advisable to get diamonds set on jewellery pieces by a trustworthy jeweller.
Start early
Choosing custom engagement rings may be a time consuming process. After selecting a jeweller, selecting a design and subsequently reviewing the semi finished rings may take considerable amount of time. It is hence advisable to start the designing and selection process well in advance before the scheduled date of your engagement.
This can provide you an opportunity to make modifications in the design in the event of being dissatisfied with the final outcome. You may consider various jewellery stores that specialize in custom engagement rings Birmingham to get a ring of your choice.
Defining the budget
Defining a budget for the custom engagement ring may prove helpful. Setting a budget gives a clear picture about the available options in terms of metals and the settings for the ring.
Try different settings
While choosing rings you may experiment with a variety of designs and settings. You can collect few pictures of the preferred designs to get an idea. While choosing a design, it is also recommended to take into consideration the personality and choice of the wearer. These factors can help in determining an appropriate ring setting.
Carat weight
Diamond rings are often expensive. The quality of a diamond is defined by its cut, colour and carat weight. High quality diamonds are often very expensive. Buying diamonds with slightly lower carat weight than the critical weights can help save a lot of money and being near to the critical weight, they give the appearance similar to that of highest quality diamonds.
Choosing the diamonds
Diamonds are available in a number of shapes. The traditional round shaped diamonds are the most expensive ones as they lose much of their carat weight during cutting. Diamonds in other fancy shapes are less expensive and may be chosen as a money saving option.
Another good way to save money while buying engagement rings is to choose diamonds which have clarity of H/I or S1. Diamonds belonging to this range generally have a slightly yellowish colour, which is hardly noticeable. These diamonds are priced less than the perfectly flawless diamonds.
Choosing the metal
While platinum is the most expensive metal, gold provides a more affordable option. You may choose 14K gold for making an engagement ring. 14K gold lasts longer and is also easier on the pocket.


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