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Engagement rings are precious due to the significance of the occasion they are chosen for. It is hence important to select them carefully. 
Factors to consider before choosing engagement rings

Size of the ring
Size plays a major role in selecting a ring. It is hence advisable to take finger impressions in order to get the ring of the perfect size. An old ring may also be used to get an idea about the appropriate size.

Ring comfort
Engagement rings are usually worn every day. It is hence important to ensure that they are comfortable. The comfort level provided by a ring may depend on its size and shape. Ill fitted rings may often cause discomfort.

Budget is an important consideration while choosing engagement rings. Rings may range from affordable to very expensive ones. It is hence advisable to set a budget and select a ring accordingly.

Ring style
Engagement rings are available in a variety of styles. They may also be customized to suit the personality of the wearer. It is essential to consider the personal preferences of the wearer before choosing a ring style.

Rings which have a classic solitaire setting are evergreen. These traditional rings are still the most preferred amongst the large variety of available engagement ring styles. They feature the solitaire as a centre piece which is set in a plain metallic band. They can be modified by adding peekaboo diamonds or rows of them. Birmingham has a number of jewellery stores that specialize in engagement rings. You can choose bespoke engagement rings Birmingham in traditional styles. 

The ring style may be customized to make it look more stylish by placing the diamond higher. Halo engagement rings which consist of diamonds arranged in circles around a bigger centre diamond are also good options for engagement rings.

For nature lovers, rings which feature organic elements like flowers and leaves may be considered. Vintage style rings are also preferred by many who may have a penchant for antique designs. Nowadays, many women also prefer rings with modern designs. The non traditional rings are creatively designed to reflect current styles.

The metal options
While choosing a ring setting, it is also essential to select the type of metal used. Different people may have varied preferences regarding the choice of metals. There are numerous types of available metals and a suitable one from amongst them may be chosen depending upon the colour preference of the wearer. The main ones include:

  • Palladium, white gold and platinum may be chosen by people who prefer a silvery white colour for jewellery.
  • Yellow gold may be chosen for golden coloured pieces of jewellery.
  • For rings in shades of pink, rose gold may be chosen.

Ring stones
A majority of engagement rings consist of diamonds. Diamond set rings are available in various shapes and sizes. Birmingham stores showcase a large variety of diamond engagement rings. You can choose engagement ringsBirmingham according to your preference and budget. Diamonds may also be combined with other stones to create an engagement ring.


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