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Engagement rings signify the bond of love. Love symbolizes a pure feeling and diamonds are considered the best way of expressing one’s affection. Diamonds are pristine and hence are the perfect stone for expressing purity of emotion.

Diamond engagement rings
Diamonds have been a favourite for engagement rings since time immemorial. Nowadays, diamonds are available in price ranges from expensive to affordable ones. This diversity in pricing makes diamond engagement rings suitable for every budget. Diamond engagement rings are nowadays available in a variety of designs to match the prevalent fashion trends. The unique patterns and the brilliance of the diamonds make diamond engagement rings a preferred choice for most people.

Diamonds are carbon in its purest form. They are produced in the deepest layers of the earth’s crust. Due to the high temperatures and pressure in the earth’s crust they may record certain flaws. It hence becomes important to ensure quality standards regarding the carat, clarity, colour and cut of the diamonds while choosing them.

The history of diamond engagement rings dates back to 1944. Archduke Maximillian was the first person to propose his lady love, Mary of Burgundy with a glittering diamond engagement ring. Since then, the practice of proposing marriage with diamond engagement rings became a tradition. In the earlier times, the practice was restricted to the affluent class.

With the passage of time and the availability of affordable diamond engagement rings, it was soon adopted by people of all classes. People in Birmingham have plenty of options of choosing diamond engagement rings from the innumerable stores in the area. You can buy a glittering diamond ring of your choice at engagementring shop in Birmingham.

Diamond engagement rings are also the preferred choice of celebrities. Many celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor have flaunted their magnificent diamond engagement rings with pride. Most celebrities opt for customized diamond engagement rings in unique designs and shapes. The diamond rings worn by them have often become immensely popular. Due to their popularity, their designs are imitated even today.

Platinum and diamond engagement rings
Platinum is increasingly becoming the most preferred metal for various types of jewellery. It offers a number of advantages which have contributed to its popularity. The main ones include:
  •  It is an extremely strong and durable metal.
  •  The steel white colour gives it a unique appearance.
  •  It is a rare metal and hence is considered extremely precious.
  •  Due to its durability it symbolizes commitment and everlasting love.
  •  The metal offers a stylish and polished look.
  •    Platinum jewellery goes well with other accessories.
  •    Platinum possesses hypo allergic properties and is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • It is tarnish resistant and non corrosive and hence lasts longer.  
These properties make platinum a good choice for making engagement rings. Platinum when combined with diamonds offers a perfect option for engagement rings since platinum is the hardest metal and diamonds being the hardest stones. 
The brilliance of diamonds is perfectly complemented by the silvery white colour of polished platinum. The perfect combination is much sought after and this is the reason why many people choose to buy platinumengagement rings Birmingham.


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