Tuesday, 28 June 2016

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A wedding is an occasion that is cherished by the couple about to get married. They want to cherish this moment forever and it is why wedding bands have become such an important part of the wedding. These bespoke wedding bands Birmingham not only represent the occasion’s uniqueness, but also the love and passion the couple has for each other. Most couple pick similar wedding bands for each other and want their rings to match their personalities.

There are a number of different kinds of wedding band styles available in the market. From traditional, unique to personalized, one can choose the one that best meet their needs. One of the most traditional diamond wedding band is simple is design and has one diamond in the middle. Today, one can find many different design and twist to this classic band. You can pick from a band with classic claw like prong or the one with a bezel setting that holds the single diamond in it. A lot of people prefer engraved wedding bands. One can choose to engrave the wedding date, date the couple first met or their favorite place to visit on their wedding band. 

Variety of Bands and Diamonds
One can choose from different kind of bands, from yellow gold, white gold to platinum bands. One can choose find a variety of shapes to choose from. You can pick diamonds of different shape including baguette, emerald, heart, oval, pear, princess cut and many others.

Color of Diamonds
The color of the diamond that one chooses is one of the major decisions that they need to make. While in the past, most people preferred transparent diamonds, today the trend has changed. The value of the diamond can also increase or decrease due to its color. While a white diamond with a yellowish color can decrease value, a blur or pink diamond becomes more expensive. One can choose from a number of diamond colors, some of the popular ones are white, yellow, blue, red, orange, black, brown, steel gray and much more.

How to Pick the Right Wedding Band
One needs to assess their needs and find the one that the couple prefers. The simplicity and the complexity of the design also influences ones want. You need to decide if you want singe diamond or more than one and then look for various designs. If you do not like any design, you can visit a shop that allows you to customize your own wedding band. If you already have an engagement ring made, ensure that the wedding band matches with it.

Even though this is just a short guide to purchasing the best wedding band, the final selection should be all about you and your partner. You need to understand each other and find the best that best describes you rather than just following the trend alone.


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