Monday, 9 May 2016

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Every relationship is inherently unique. The special memories and this uniqueness should be celebrated through the rings you exchange as part of your engagement promise. It is quite a challenge to find that perfect ring, especially if you have certain specific design or nostalgic conditions attached to the ring’s final look. It makes much more sense to commission Bespoke Engagement Rings Birmingham. However, people often mistakenly attach the notion that bespoke rings will be complicated to commission or will be incredibly expensive. In fact, the opposite is true for most cases. Not only is it extremely simple to commission a Bespoke engagement ring especially in a place like Birmingham which is teeming with excellent jewellery shops, you can also find it is a lot cheaper for you. Here are a few tips to help you with the process of commissioning a bespoke ring in the city.

Find the best engagement ring shop in the area
The very first step to the process is to find the best ring designers in the area. It is a detailed research and it should include at least a few top options before you streamline down to one or two choices. Talk with friends, family members and colleagues who have recently been married and have some idea about the jewellery designers in the area. Browse online to find out about the top brands in Birmingham. Sift through their catalogues to get an idea about the types of designs they are famous for and check whether rings are their exclusive products. This will give you an idea about the expertise of the brand and you will be better prepared to order a specific design that is right up their specialty.

Browse through online catalogues and wedding magazines
The next part is collecting design inspirations for your inspiration board. You can browse through a multitude of jewellery websites today to find beautiful designs that resonate with the picture of the perfect ring you have in mind. Wedding magazines are also a great source of information and ring designs.

Your inspiration board
Make a small folder, a small white board or even pinterest your final inspiration collection board. This board or folder should have all your design idea, any particular accents that have caught your fancy and details about the material that best appeals to you. You can have fewer or many more details combined on this board so you have a few choices you can select or discard as the final ring design takes shape.

Special memories
Put in pictures or noted of special memories or some hobby that resonates with both of you as a couple to be put in the inspiration board. These make a great accent inspiration for rings. It can make your ring even more personalized.

The consultation
Meet with your jewellery brand representative or ring designer at the shop to talk about the materials, budgets and centre stones. You can discuss your inspiration board and specify the final design with the help of a professional designer’s advice.


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